Here at Nine Zero we believe the devil is in the detail because if you begin with the right strategy and follow up with the correct preparation and planning, the result will usually be one happy artist, who then goes on to give the performance of a lifetime. The domino effect of a great show means happy clubbers, happy club owner…ah, you get the point! So whether you’re an artist, artist manager or artist agent looking to tour in Asia, our specialist booking and management service might just be right for you.

We pride ourselves on clear and concise communication, solid and sustainable financial offers, bespoke tour planning and logistics, visa advice, immaculate artist care and expert and knowledgeable local ground crew. All of our clients and venue owners are experienced and professional 'as standard' and represent some of the biggest, best and most cutting edge venues across the Asian subcontinent. Our artist liaisons are packed with local knowledge and will be able to communicate in your artist's language meaning they will never feel isolated in a potentially unfamiliar land.

Nine Zero was started by award winning producer and globe trotting performer and DJ - Mark Doggett who has amassed a broad music knowledge in his twenty + years within an ever changing industry. As an artist, Mark has experienced everything from the highs and (sometimes) lows of global touring ( of the reasons we take artist care so seriously), released six artist albums, countless singles and remixes. In 2004 his love of music and ambition to delve further into the business lead to him launching and owning an independent record label (which he still runs to this day). In 2008 Mark took the seemingly logical step into artist management and bookings, which then lead to a more Asia specific role in 2010.

We're not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but our aim at Nine Zero is not as simplistic as finding bookings or consolidating already existing Asia tours either. Our view is wider than that because we believe that building a strong, sustainable profile for artists in Asia, getting them on the right line ups at the right venues, at the right time is the key to longevity within the market.

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